Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was the Parade of Lights in Afton to kick off the Christmas season. It was 41 degrees and there was no wind. I told the kids to enjoy it because we were never going again. It's pretty much impossible to ever watch the parade in above freezing temps. We lucked out. As with all parades here, we got to watch it twice because it goes down one side of the street and then turns around and comes back down the other side. The kids loved it!

Oooooh, pretty lights!

This was my favorite float. Poor Santa. They also had a float with Santa not stuck in a chimney. There was a bucket train that little kids were riding in and they decorated a school bus...the kids really like that one. My nephew was riding on his Dad's float (for his business) and he loaded us up with candy as they went by.

See that painted box, yep the one with duct tape all over it. It's not garbage, it's a live trap that Lanny made to catch a muskrat. He put it next to our neighbors pond over Thanksgiving. As of today, no luck, but he swears the carrot has been nibbled on. I wish him luck, but sure hope he doesn't catch anything, I'm selfish like that!

This is Floppy. Can you guess how she got that name? If I liked the chickens at all, she would be my favorite. But, I don't like them.

Thought you all might want to see where we live. Home, sweet home! I was taking this picture and didn't realize I had an audience. Look in the window on the right. Oh, she's so cute! And Aaron put that smoker (looks like an oven) out just to add to our "white trash" look. I think it's working!

There she is, peeking through the window to see what Mommy is doing! This picture goes with the picture above.

Lanny grabbed my nice, expensive camera and ran out of the house. He took this picture of the moon just coming up over the mountains. I thought he did a great job. But I did threaten him that if he dropped the camera, to not come back. He came back, so all is well!

Kel and I ran to Logan on the first. It was a dismal day, but the sun came out just long enough for us to visit my sister, Leah. Kel thought her headstone was a perfect seat. We had to leave when she started trying to sit on other peoples headstones. 

So I'm supposed to be working on Christmas gifts, but I saw this cool thing where you take your kids picture and then just paint the shadowy part. I had to try it. It was so much fun, so here are my finished products. I wanted black frames, but there were none, so I had to settle for white. Eventually, I'll probably paint them black, but I don't have the time right now.

Just so you all know, I'm at my mother-in-laws, the computer thing is still not going well. And now I'm headed home to make an eggnog will be divine! (I hope!)

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