Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday we finally had some time to try and take Louie and Kessie's birthday pictures. The weather, for here, was great, but still, I've decided that I don't like fall and winter birthdays because you freeze while taking pictures. I turned on the car and let the girls sit in there to warm up while I took the other ones picture. When  it was Kessie's turn, I knew right off I had a problem, she couldn't smile. She made a pathetic attempt at a smile, then went to an uber exaggerated smile, then to a grotesquely painful smile, to a whole body flip out. All you ladies who have ever tried to take natural looking pictures of your kids, you know what I mean. You get out the camera, you say smile, your child acts like there are twelve guns aimed at their head and you're about to yell "Fire". So, although, our pictures didn't turn out as amazing as I would have wished, my girls are still cute and I love them!

Eight...I repeat....eight...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Six...yeah, she's a dolly!

Two of my beautiful girls. They really do love each other, they just try hard not to let others know it. I curled their hair right before, can you tell? Yeah, neither can I! 

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