Thursday, June 17, 2010

Go Fly A Kite

We went to the park on Monday and had so much fun. Lanny, of course, looked for worms. Then we played on the playground, which has lots of things that twirl and make you want to hurl. I had tons of fun taking pictures of those twirly things because the kids are thrilled, but look oh so freaked out! Then we flew a kite. I didn't know if the kids had the coordination to just keep a kite up, so I made them run with it. Kessie was first, and when I said run, those little legs flew. She didn't slow down, it was so cute! It was an excellent experience. So you'll probably see more park pictures because I've decided that is my favorite thing to do now...and in Cheyenne, you can always fly a kite!

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Larsen's in Wyoming said...

Great idea! It's the only thing that the wind is good for! Well I guess we can also thank the wind for our clean air here in Cheyenne.