Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yes, More

A few more. The point of the trip for the girls...riding the horses. They rode Maggie and Hoodoo. Grandma had to go catch the horses and bring them to the house. Kessie pointed out into the field, and said, "I like the blue one!" I agreed, he was my favorite too, unfortunately, he belonged to Slim (and was actually a buckskin). She still enjoyed riding the other ones. Louie is a natural on a horse. Grandma gave her a mini-riding lesson and she did great. Lanny also does great. He went from being terrified to asking to ride in just over a year! Unfortunately he didn't get to wear the hat while riding, since Maggie has a problem with things flying past her head and it was a bit breezy. He still looked like a cowboy to me.

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