Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Shouldn't we have the Christmas Spirit all year round? let's pretend I'm filled with the Christmas Spirit and not that I"m late in my well wishes! Yes, another catch-up post. Luckily, I haven't taken too many pictures this month.
First off we actually took Christmas pictures before the New Year this year. This one has our missionaries. The bigger one is Elder Kay and the other is Elder Crawford. We still have Elder Crawford for about a week along with his new companion Elder Scholes (pronounced Skulls), but we call him Elder Shoelace.
Lanny had a Christmas program at school. As soon as he walked out onto the stage, Kessie started shouting, "Brother, Brother, Hi Brother!" She was pretty excited to see him. He did a fabulous job, and other than them all looking terrified, it was fun to watch.
The same night as the Christmas program, Lanny lost another tooth. He is super fond of the tooth fairy and concerned about her welfare, especially since it has been so cold. He made her his own recipe hot cocoa and left it for her. He also made me some, and wow!!! it's great if not interesting.

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