Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Thought I'd show you what the kids made on Saturday. I saw these on the Scrapbooks Etc. website and thought they were adorable. Since my kids have all had colds and we couldn't go to the work party on Saturday, we crafted instead. I think they did a good job. All I did was cut the circles and glue on the snowflake.
It's been very, super, completely, amazingly cold here. Most nights with the windchill it goes to at least -20 F. Currently it is -2 but with windchill it is -16. Yippee!!! On Sunday, Lanny asked if we could go home and knit some sweaters for the chickens. If only I knew how to knit, oh well! But in case you are concerned, they are doing fine, but do wish we would let them out of their house! Hope the rest of the universe is staying warm!


Brenda said...

Love them!!
Thanks for being a fan of BHG ScrapbooksEtc.com.

Hope your kids are feeling better soon.

Brenda Lesch
Creative Director
BHG Crafts Group

KC & Candice Carden said...

I love your crafty stuff! One day I am going to stay home and do fun things like that!
Ok...I am in trouble...I'm sorry! I seriously feel like pregnancy has taken my entire brain away and I honestly didn't even think about anything but trying not to puke while we were in Greeley. SORRY!!! However, we will be in Denver visiting my aunt the first week of January so if you want to try and get together then, that would be fun! Am I forgiven?