Friday, June 5, 2009

That's All Folks

They're done!!! Although school officially ended today for Lanny, I let Wednesday be his last day. Wednesday was also Louie's last day for this year of preschool. Louie was pretty excited, but Lanny is ready to go back as a Second Grader! Aaron softened the blow that he wouldn't be a Second Grader just yet by taking him fishing yesterday. They were up at 4:30am so that they could be on the lake early. Due to the nature of their smiles when they got home, I'd say they had a pretty great time!
I had some pretty fun ideas to keep my kids busy this summer, but summer kinda snuck up on me and I have nothing ready, so I'm sure we'll just have a few weeks of boredom until I can get a few ideas ready.
I really just wanted to share these cute pictures of Lanny and his teacher Mrs. Jackson. Seriously, love this lady. She is an amazing teacher and truly loves her students and wants them to enjoy school! I tried to convince her to move up to second grade, but alas, she will still be teaching first grade next year. As well as these pictures of the boys fishing experience. They brought home quite a few and I can guarantee that I will not be eating any of them. For those of you who actually want to know they caught walleye and one perch. The fish Lanny caught in the photos was a whopper of a carp, but since they are "junk fish" they threw it back. Lanny actually wanted Aaron to mount it for him because it was so big, but Aaron said he didn't know how (yeah right, he pretty much can do anything, I think he just didn't want another project right now.)
Happy Summer to all!

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