Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer---Not So Much

So far our summer vacation has been spent indoors. Last Saturday, Aaron took the kids fishing for the only nice day we've had in about two weeks. And the weather forecast ain't gettin' any better. Yesterday we even got to experience a bit of hail, well quite a bit actually. The hail wasn't very big, luckily, I think parts of our garden may even survive. It was pretty loud, and the kids didn't like it. However, afterwards, they loved collecting some hail and putting it in the freezer. And of course, the double rainbow after was beautiful! Kessie got so excited and told us it was her rainbow. It was huge and amazing. We're not thrilled with the bad weather, Lanny is terrified of tornadoes, which luckily we haven't even had any warnings, but they've been having a few in Denver which makes Lanny nervous. But we'll look on the bright side, I guess it gives us time to rest and recooperate, I don't know from what, but we'll definitely have plenty of energy when summer finally shows up!
P.S. The rainbow picture decided to flip on me, but I'm not fixing it, you get the idea.

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Grandpa Craig said...

Whyfor is Louie in sandals? Is she out of her cotton picking mind or is she just trying to worry her grandmother to death? We love all of you very much.