Saturday, February 14, 2009

Top 20

The kids are still asleep, so I'm trying to hurry and get some pictures up. Here, in no particular order are some of the favorites from our trip.
...the beach
...finding sharks teeth (seriously loved seeing the family effort! Way to go team!)
...meeting "the Mouse"
..."It's a Small World" ride (Grandma loved taking the kids on this)
..."Thunder Mountain" and "Splash Mountain"---Go Lanny, you brave kiddo
...the hotel swimming pools (there were three)
...Aunt Shawn and Uncle Billy's pool!
...seeing a real live alligator on our last day (well, I was excited)
...the plane ride (it tickled our tummies)
...spending time with family
...meeting Aunt Shawn and Uncle Billy (love you!)
...the sunset
...the palm trees
...the dead end structure (where electrical lines enter a substation, it was shaped like Mickey's head---this obviously was Aaron)
...Kessie's Princess balloon, it's all she wanted the whole day we were there
...cable (the kids loved watching TV)
...bag check at Epcot (This is me---they check everyone's purse or backpack, the old man there was hysterical and made me laugh, which made my day)
...Louie running free bird on the beach, she got quite upset when we said she couldn't be naked
...finding old Florida license plates (me again)
...watching Kessie and Aunt Shawn frolic
We had such a super time and have so many wonderful memories! We can't wait to go back---hint, hint, Aaron!

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