Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Visit

Yes, it's true. The Tooth Fairy made another visit to our house. Lanny lost his second tooth on Monday. He was biting into a chocolate covered waffle at school when it popped right out. He was pretty excited. He brought it home in an envelope. The Tooth Fairy (her name is Katinklebim) said she didn't mind coming back although her wings were a little tired. Lanny looks pretty darn cute with his new grin, which he likes to show off all the time, so he is grinning a lot!!!
In other news...I think Louie is finally feeling a bit better. She has been pretty sick with a high fever and headache. Turns out it is a UTI. Here is a picture of her in her new ballerina costume which she got for being such a great girl at the doctors. They did all sorts of tests, but drawing her blood was the worst. She screamed and fought, and I literally had to lay on top of her to keep her from moving, and they had to stick her twice because they didn't hit anything the first time. Yeah, in case your wondering, I was crying too and so was Kessie, she actually hid in the corner because she was so scared of what was happening to her sister. She has been very good, though, and today she hasn't needed any fever reducing meds, so I think we're making progress. I'm so relieved and happy to be getting my happy Louie back to normal!
And still in other news...Lanny won a 25 dollar gift certificate in the Winter Reading Challenge at the Library. He was pretty excited. I feel bad for the girls. All three kids sign up every year, and Lanny won a book last year, and a certificate this year. He's pretty lucky. Between the Tooth Fairy visits and the certificate, Louie has been feeling a bit picked on since she isnt' getting prizes. Lanny has been really concerned about her since she has been sick and a couple days ago she was feeling bad and Lanny said, "Don't worry Louie, you can have half of the 25 cents I won!" What a sweet boy! (Yep, I was giggling...but you probably already guessed that.)
Better write a bit about Kessie. As usual she is a cutie. She knows when I'm feeling bad and will always burst into song to make me feel better. As in, " to you..." Makes me smile everytime. Today, her and Louie painted my face, yes, I'm stunning. She got paint on her brush, looked at me, and in her tiny voice, said, "stay still Mommma!" When they were done, Louie told me I looked like a craziness, but Kessie gave me her biggest smile and said, "Booteeful!" I love the little moments in life that I am constantly blessed with! Lucky me!!!

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Colee said...

Ballerina? Yay - I am glad you got a girly girl :) Every house needs balance :)