Friday, February 13, 2009

Hangin' In There

Okay, yes, I know I'm supposed to be putting up pictures of Florida, but give me a break, how can I choose between all of the great ones. So instead I thought I'd update everyone about Lanny. He has had a loose tooth that has been hangin' in there, literally, for weeks. It was so frustrating to Aaron because he just wanted to pull it out. The tooth has been at a 45-90 degree angle for over a week. Lanny told me that it hurt today, and started to bleed so I told him that when we got home (I had just picked him up from school) that he needed to let Daddy pull it out. No way was he going to let Daddy do it. As we drove Lanny said, "Mom, my tooth came out." "No way, you kidder!" Just to prove that it was true he handed it to me. He pulled it out, because that way it wouldn't hurt, but he was sure if Daddy did it, he would be in severe pain. He is pretty excited! He told me that now the Tooth Fairy is going to visit, but she'll have to dress warm (we're having a snow storm). He's pretty proud of his new grin! Yeah, Lanny, your first tooth!!!

On a side note, I found the real person "101 Dalmations" video today and showed it to Louie and said we could watch it tonight. She was confused because she thought it was the cartoon. I tried to explain it to her and to clarify she said, "Mom, is it the one where Cruella steals the puppies with Whisper and Jock?" (Me---giggle, giggle)! I thought she was pretty smart to remember their names so closely. (For those of you who don't know Cruella's henchman's names they're Horace and Jasper---Honey, that's you!)

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