Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mixed Reactions

We just got back home from Grandma Karen's where we spent Christmas. So far the consensus is that we had a great time. The kids loved all the snow. There seemed to be a ton, but Aaron said there wasn't that much compared to other years. Of course I took pictures of the kids riding horses, opening presents, reading, making graham cracker houses (this was a first, and very fun! Which reminds me, we forgot to bring them home, Grandma, will you please save them in a special place for us?) I also have pictures of Louie sledding, the Christmas Eve Nativity Story enactment, several caught fish, etc. however, by far my favorite picture of the whole trip is this one of Louie. Please compare and contrast the one of her and Kessie with the one of Lanny. Yeah, quite a difference. Due to shoveling the driveway, multiple times a day, this particular snowbank gets rather large. Aaron's only goal was to chuck us all into it. Yes, I got chucked in a couple times too. It's amazing how soft the landing is. Since Louie's picture is a close up, just know that she had just asked Aaron to throw her in. However, she got some snow in her gloves when she landed, thus ruining the whole experience. I did help her up and console her, but only after I got this great close-up!

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Grandpa Craig said...

Okay, that does it. I guess Grandpa is going to have to straighten out these mean parents. You obviously need to realize that one is thrown into snowbanks head first...

Hopefully Louie and kessie will not be traumatized as where they are living is not conducive to snow phobias.

Look forward to seeing you all in February.

All our love,

Grandpa Craig and Grandma Marian