Sunday, December 21, 2008

Listening and Obeying

We finally got up to Grandma Karen's. It took us two tries and a ton of hours, but we are here. We were getting ready for church this morning, and of course, Louie wanted Grandma to put make-up on her. Wow, Louie, you looked so beautiful for church. As I was brushing out her hair, Grandma got out some new apple scented lotion for us all to try. Grandma put a dab into Louie's hand and then walked away. I wasn't paying much attention since I was still trying to get the tangles out of her hair.
"Why did Grandma put this in my hand?" Louie was a bit confused.
"She wants you to try it. Go ahead and try it, you'll like it." It was just lotion, I mean, what was the big deal. Louie let out a big "EEEWWWW!"
"Oh, come on Louie, it's apple!" I'm sure you've guessed by now, but my sweet Louie, completely trusting in me did exactly what I told her to do. As she started to gag and moan, I looked up into the mirror and saw a big glob of lotion on her protruding tongue.
Yeah, so I felt pretty terrible. We have been having some listening and obeying issues, and of course, Louie finally listens to me and obeys me and what does she get for it? If I hadn't been laughing so hard, I probably could have helped her get the lotion out of her mouth. Luckily Grandma was there to help her while I recovered. We might have a few more issues with obeying after this incidence, but who can blame her.

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Grandpa Craig said...

Yuuccch!!!! I bet that stuff tasted terrible. It just shows to go you that we need to say what we mean and not expect others to be able to read the correct meaning into our words.

Louie, Grandpa Craig hopes you'll still listen to your Mom. She means well and I know she loves you.

Love to all...