Monday, December 8, 2008


As most of you know, Louie is quite intelligent. She can often repeat exactly what I say, but she also sometimes adjusts it slightly so that the meaning is a bit different, unintentionally of course. Like when the children and I were practicing Christmas songs so that we can go caroling to the neighbors when it gets closer to Christmas. Aaron walked in the door from work, all the children attacked him and Louie excitedly said,"We're going over to the neighbors to practice our singing!" Such enthusiasm, but I think the neighbors would enjoy the polished versions better. Today, we were practicing our piano. Louie wants desperately to learn to play, so I got some lesson books. We've had two lessons, 3 weeks apart, yeah, I gotta work on that. She remembered the first lesson, and so we went on and talked about quarter notes and half notes. She picked it up pretty well and at the end of the lesson when I pointed to a note and asked her what note it was there was no hesitation as she shouted, "Penny!" My uncontrolled laughter alerted her to a mistake and she quickly amended her answer to quarter. She is a smart cookie which often makes me forget that she is only four. However, when her cute little oopsies crop up I am reminded of how young and innocent she still is. Oh, I love childhood. I wish I could capture every moment!
P.S. I always ask Kessie to give me a "YEEEHAW" since she is always galloping around like she is on a horse (her gallop is seriously unique and endearing...she looks like Goliath (our dog) with a cactus stuck in his foot). She obligingly hollers, "AAAHAW"!

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