Friday, November 14, 2008


The wind has been showing off its' power lately and yesterday was no exception. We woke up to the howling wind and tumbleweeds racing across the land. The kids and I watched with fascination as the tumbleweeds flew by, veered this way and that, raced across the road, and vanished over the hill. We started cheering on certain ones, my favorite was #7, #56 didn't do so hot, he got stuck in a firmly planted group of tumbleweeds. After a few minutes of viewing tumbleweed races I decided we had to get ready for school. Thus our morning routine started...cereal, yelling, potty break, consternation, getting dressed...well, I did send Lanny and Louie in to get dressed just hoping they would actually obey my instructions, but alas, they didn't. As I was making my bed I suddenly heard a loud shout from their room, "Go, number eight, Go!" Louie was so excited for this certain tumbleweed she could hardly contain herself. Soon Lanny was shouting too. He had picked number one million, a bit harder to cheer for due to the long name, but still he managed. I wasn't going to be left out, so I ran in and cheered on several different ones, I didn't want anyone to feel bad by picking favorites. Many poor tumbleweeds lost the race by getting stuck in our neighbors fence, I'm sure many were stuck in our fence as well, but from our vantage point we couldn't see them. We did eventually get ready and get headed off to school, but the races were a fun break from the ordinary. I really don't like tumbleweeds, but for some reason I love to watch them race in the free, I don't know. Makes me realize how blessed I am to live in the open and to be able to enjoy nature and share it with my children!

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