Wednesday, November 26, 2008


They did it! They came back with a turkey. Now we can feast. Well, not actually, she was pretty small compared to a store bought turkey...but that is the price she had to pay for the ability to still fly or even walk for that matter. After getting the turkey, Aaron wanted to travel a little more and try to get a white tail deer, the kids were wishy-washy until Aaron plucked the turkey and that decided it for them.
Lanny--"Louie, do you want to go and see a naked deer?"
They liked the turkey until she was naked and that was just disturbing to them. The first thing Louie asked me this morning was if I liked naked answer was the same as hers, "NO!!!"
I think they had a great time. They called me at least 45 times to update me and tell me things that they had forgotten to tell me the last time that they called.
I'm glad they had the opportunity to go. Although, I think as a whole the turkey species is quite ugly (not to diminish the sacrifice they make every Thanksgiving), their tail feathers are striking when spread out. I think I'll have Aaron fan them and hang them up.
I don't think this will be a yearly tradition, but I'm sure they will want to go again. Lanny is planning on using some of the feathers to make pens like in the olden days. He is pretty excited not only for the pens, but also for the Thanksgiving feast!

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