Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I'm always grateful when people pass along information to help me keep my family safe. So I just wanted to pass along some to you. I have two warnings. Lanny taught me the first one. We were reading Disney's "The Jungle Book" and the children thought that Kaa (the snake) was a rattlesnake. I told them no, he wouldn't bite you, that kind of snake is very large and wraps itself around you and then squeezes you tighter and tighter until you die, and then you get eaten. Not the happiest of thoughts, but they took it well (hey, they asked the question, I wasn't going to lie to them.) I told them Kaa would have been a python, or maybe an anaconda (I'm sure I'm also mistaken about his identity.) Of course they love to learn, so as soon as Daddy came through the back door they ran over to him (after screaming, he'd startled us), and proceeded to impart to him their new found knowledge. They told him all about it, and they definitely imbellished the gruesome details. Daddy wanted to know what type of snake did such things. Louie was having a hard time getting the name of the snake out because she was trying to combine python and anaconda into one word, so Lanny helpfully jumped up and yelled,"They're called Leprechauns!!!"
Warning #1---Stay away from legrechauns, they are apparently more dangerous than we first assumed.
My second warning is about my own family. I didn't know that I was such a strict disciplinarian, but I am. Louie drew a picture and was explaining to Lanny about consequences. (She has been getting in trouble a lot lately, so this kind of stuff is on her mind.)
And I quote, "The first time you mess up, do you know what happens? You go to jail! The second time you mess up, do you know what happens? You get a coupon for an ice cream cone!" She didn't get any further, because something distracted her, but I was thinking wow, I don't want to mess up even once.
Warning #2--If you are going to come visit us and mess up in this house, do it twice. Maybe that will negate the first consequence!

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