Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I'm finally getting around to sharing our trip memories. My camera croaked, so sorry, no pictures in Salt Lake, but here a few that Grandma Karen took. The kids and I got back last week from a trip to visit the Grandma and Grandpa with the acorns (Evans) and then up to Star Valley to visit the Grandma and Grandpa with the horsies (Johnson). Unfortunately Aaron had to work, so it was just the four of us. Nothing too major happened along the way, thankfully, so I feel especially blessed to have had such a safe trip. We did so much that I won't be able to tell you about all of it, so I will just highlight a few things. The kids loved swimming in G&G Evans pool! They also loved to tease Uncle Brian, he is a great sport. First thing Lanny did when we got there was to find a snail and snatch it right up for his collection. He was thrilled! We also visited Uncle Clark and got to know a new friend named Logan (Clark's fiancee's son). Louie and Logan spent an amazing amount of time splashing each other in the wading pool. I've never seen two people hit it off so well. We went to Bear Lake with Uncle Derek and his friend. It was a bit chilly, but the kids were glad to spend time with Uncle Derek. In Star Valley we rode horses (Louie made sure of that), fished, canoed, ate hot dogs and marshmallows, and visited family. Since we did so much, I asked the kids what their favorite parts of the trip were.
Lanny liked---going under the water at the (Evans) swimming pool (for those of you who don't know, it is actually a hot tub, but the kids love the "little" pool), picking peas and carrots out of Grammie Karen's garden, and watching movies at both places we visited.
Louie liked---riding horsies (the minute she woke up she was asking to ride, and we had to say goodbye to all the horses before we left), picking carrots, and the pool and swimming.
Kessie liked---well, she still doesn't say a lot, but she did learn to say Grandma and Grandpa on this trip, I know she loved the horses (she now pretends to be a horse most of the time), and she loved it when Grandpa Evans chased her around the house.
I loved seeing everyone and watching my children enjoy themselves. I loved swimming in Palisades river/lake, having Lanny take me canoeing, watching huge smiles as Louie and Kessie rode the horses, playing baseball (even though I fell in a hole), and having the Evans clan all come up to see us. Even better was when we got home and got to see Daddy again. He had surprises for us. He had caught some frog eggs which had hatched into tadpoles and also a horny toad. He also made us a delicious homecoming dinner!
We love visiting our family, and wish we were closer, but it is always nice to be home. I have a new tolerance for Cheyenne after being away, and see now that it is not such a bad place to be!

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