Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day!

Update...I'm using the library computer...sob, sob, sob! Due to my computer issues, this post is a week late. The kids started school this last week (Sept. 3), we’re a late start, but we love it because August has great camping weather! We had a great summer, but the kids were ready to go back. I think the structure is good for them and even though I miss them, I think we all needed a break from 24/7 togetherness. I was worried that they would hate going back, but they love their new classes and teachers. The only problem is getting up at 6:30am! I know, pretty harsh! Keston took a nap every day after school this week, and Louie took a nap on Thursday for three hours. And you all know my kids, they don’t take naps. I think in about two weeks, we’ll have the hang of it, but right now all of us are a bit sleep deprived and a titch cranky. I was worried about Kel, but she hasn’t seemed too distraught. I think she is enjoying “Mommy solo time”, but give it a few more days and she’ll be out of her mind bored. Look at the following pictures below to find out what grade my kids are in….please make sure you’re seated because it will shock you! Lanny is no longer three. Although, I’m still seventeen and I don’t look a day over fifteen!

No, she's not upset about her siblings leaving. She doesn't want to hold that stupid sign!

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