Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fair Week

So I'm back tracking a ways due to computer issues. The first week in August was fair week and this is always a busy week for us (okay, well for the last two years it has been). The girls showed horses of course, so there was lots of practicing and then the three older ones all entered items in the town booth. Lanny entered flies that he had tied, paintings and drawings, and a leather coaster he had tooled. Louie entered paintings, cookies, and a fly. Kessie entered paintings, a scrapbook page, and cookies. They all did really well. They were sooooo excited to go look and see what ribbons they won. And then they were even more excited to go get the money that went along with the ribbons. We went home that first day of fair and the kids immediately started working on projects for next year...I've promptly put all their new projects in a very safe place and consequently will never see them again.
The riding didn't go so well this year, but even though neither of my girls got first, they are riding better and are much more confidant than last year, so I'm proud of them. There were some safety issues with another horse, and Louie removed herself and Kessie from the situation and thus didn't place, but hey, she's alive and that's what counts! They still looked super fantastic on their horses. They are planning next year and excited to compete in an older competition (we'll see...) and already picking out music for their performances.
Grandma got the girls some show shirts, which they loved! Louie showed Wendell, Grandma's show horse. She loves him and they did really well together. This is her during Showmanship.

Louie got fourth in Showmanship...this was her first time, so she did fab!

Louie during walk/trot. Her and Kessie competed together, which didn't make Louie happy.

Kessie looks serious during walk/trot, but she loves being in the saddle! She was pretty nervous, though. Kessie got fifth in walk/trot.

This was my favorite shot with both of them riding together. Louie looked out for Kessie. So proud of both of them!

Grandma on her Wendell. She competed in several classes, but freestyle reigning is everyone's favorite. There isn't a pattern and everyone gets to dress however they want and pick music to ride to. It is sooooo fun to watch and the stands are always full.

Grandma rode to the song "Better Dig Two". And I am not exaggerating she was the crowd favorite. She did fabulous! This is the competition the girls want to ride in next year.

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