Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flaming Gorgeous

We went to Flaming Gorge as a family on the 25th of July and stayed for four days. The kids got lots of swim time, fish time, and sand time...not to mention sun time. I was kind of tired of the sun without shade thing, but Saturday it was stormy and chilly, and I loved it! Grandma and Grandpa got to join us Friday night and we had fun playing games and fishing. We had lots of fun, but I for one was sooooo thankful for a shower on Sunday evening!

I love bum strap shots! I couldn't keep Kel out of the water. Apparently, this water was highly magnetized and she couldn't help herself. She was drawn to it and then into it every time we stepped out of the trailer!

These are the only fish I like to catch!

Did I mention that I love, love, love bum strap shots! Totally makes me happy every time I look at them!

Miss Thing enjoying the sunset.

The evenings were gorgeous and very pleasant!

Pretty Girls...and first thing in the morning, is that even fair?

The boys were filleting the fish, but I cut those suckers out of the photo.

Please note the shoes. Grandpa was trying to take a nap in the tent when the wind kicked up. Yes, the tent might have been halfway blown over, but it didn't even phase him!

Lanny and Louie caught several nice fish...and yes, she is wearing make up, because who camps without make up...(that's me raising my hand.)

I asked Lanny to smile for me, yeah, that's what I get for making such a stupid request. He had swollen eyes for two days and we're not quite sure why. Although, I'm allergic to camping, so that might have been it.

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