Friday, August 9, 2013

And While I'm at It....

Since you just got to meet my nephew, now I get to introduce you to my new niece! Once again, I became an immediate favorite, although she might not realize it yet. Evelyn LaFawnDa Johnson, no kidding. I was as surprised as you at their choice of middle names, but who am I to judge? Derek and Whit came up to visit last week and we all got to meet her. I was a little concerned about Kel, but she looooooved her! She couldn't get enough of Evie, talking to her in a high pitched voice, tickling her, and kissing her. Kel always made sure that Evie have her blanket and binkie. There was a couple fist fights over who got to hold her, but we all managed a turn.
Okay, so maybe her middle name isn't LaFawnDa, but that's what Derek told me and then neglected to tell me he was joking. So Evie can blame her Daddy for her lifelong nickname!

Kel needed a few moments to feel young again! She also wanted to be swaddled and rocked by her Uncle.


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