Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crazy Woman!

She is. I'm not kidding. I love my mother-in-law, but she's nuts. She's uberly talented and one of her talents is with horses. I've mentioned before that she rides, trains, and shows horses. We recently went to one of her shows, which was great, but I got to watch an in between training session. Never again. I was a nervous wreck. She was in an indoor arena with walls...walls I tell you. During this session she was working on her sliding stops. It's where you get your horse going insanely fast and then tell them to stop and the horse tucks it's butt under and slides, kicking up dust. It looks awesome when you are watching a performance...not a practice...because...she was running crazy fast at a wall...a wood wall, a wall that is harder than her and her horse. I hope you've noticed my use of words such as crazy, insane and nuts. So continuing on. To add to this "training" one of the walls she was running at had a burning or some such thing of a cowboy and cow on it. Yeah, it looked just like someone had hit the wall and left their mark. Made me nervous! Anyways, she did great and Wendell (her horse) only lightly touched the wall with his nose once, but I had her whole obituary written out in my head (it was a beautiful and touching obituary with a bit of humor added in). I've always thought it would be fun to learn to ride, but I've rethought it and now I'm content to play Yahtzee. Here's a pic of her heading at the wall at warp speed. A couple pics of her performing afterwards to show that she survived!
Let's just call this picture, "In the Nick of Time"!

Please notice the fabulous positioning of the banner in the background. The King Equestrian Center is where she trains and it is a great facility. All opinions are my own, but I wouldn't mind a check in the mail for my endorsement...just in case anyone at the facility is looking at this!

Here's one of those stops I was telling you about. Nice and safe in the open!

She makes it look so easy. I wish!

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