Friday, February 22, 2013


Today a great victory was won in our household. Kel took a bath!!!! I know, can you believe it? It has been months and months since she has taken one. (Yes, we clean her, but we throw her in the shower with someone and she screams until we get her out.) If you read my last post, you know that she is very afraid of water. Since we made such great progress in the pool, I thought I’d try a tubby. There was some screaming and trying to get out, but finally, after like 15 minutes, she sat down….and then she was good to go! She splashed and played with toys. She even lay down on her tummy. She laughed the entire time. The only reason she wanted to get out was because the water turned cold…go figure…it does that after a half hour. I think we’ll still have some issues, but I’m hoping tubbies will become more frequent in our home. Love that little girl and I’m so proud of her for facing her fears.

On a side note, because I think it’s cute, Kel has a few new callings in our home. She is the light turner on and offer. She loves flipping those switches. She is also my quality control. She insists on being held while I wipe off the counters. While I’m wiping, she grunts and points if I miss a spot. Between the two of us, we sometimes manage to get the kitchen clean!

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