Sunday, April 5, 2009

This and That

Friday the kids were riding bikes, and Saturday we were stuck in the house, literally. As you can see the snow drifts went almost as high as the fence. Needless to say, Aaron broke out the back-hoe to dig our driveway out.

Aaron cooked dinner on Monday for us. I had to giggle when I walked up to him and he had a Cream of Mushroom soup can attached to his hip. It was empty and I just figured he had rigged up a system to wear it so that he could through food scraps in it while he cooked (like his own portable garbage can.) Seriously, it's not that far to the garbage can, but you know, whatever floats his boat. I apparently have my own little McGyver! Alas, no, when I commented on how cute he looked with an empty tin can attached to him he looked at me quizzically. Apparently his little hitchhiker had accidentally attached itself to the magnet on his cellphone holder. He had no idea he was looking so inventive! He took it off, of course, but it was pretty cute if I do say so myself!
Today Louie was having a hard morning, first, and I'm quoting here, she couldn't find any "long-sleeved pants" to wear, then when I told her it was Conference she grumbled and asked if we could just listen to "one verse" and then go play! Alas, sorry dear, no! Not two seconds ago, Elder Anderson started his Conference talk.
"Look kids, it's our new apostle!"
"What's a fossil?" Louie asked innocently. Seriously, she keeps me giggling.
Kessie also makes me giggle. She is my Twilight buddy, mainly because she won't go to sleep until very late. She pretty much has the movie memorized. Last night we watched it and when Edward and Bella were climbing trees, I looked at her and said, "Don't try that at home!"
Totally serious, she turned to me and said, "I not, Mom!" That will change, I'm sure, once we get some mature trees!
I'm surrounded by cuteness everyday, wish I could remember it all. But it's more than my little brain can handle. So blessed--nuff said!

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Ken and Kim Cutler said...

I think you have great memories! I'm jealous! Since my birthday is coming up...I have to wait for my Twilight movie ;) That is hilarious about the tin can!. The picture really made me miss SE Wyoming! Hope you guys are staying warm!