Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Louie and Kessie with Masterpiece.
Masterpiece doing her best impression of a baby penguin---seriously, I think she looks just like one!
This is Teeggor.
All ten crazy babies.

I have way too many pictures to post and catch up on. There is Easter, Spring Break, our Snowman, etc. However, since we are all so excited about our new babies, I thought I'd better put some pictures up of them first. Last night for FHE we went and got 10 baby chicks! Against my better judgement, Aaron convinced us all that we needed them. He said we were getting 6, yeah right! I don't like chickens, but there is something endearing about them when they are all cuddled up and sleeping. It ends there for me, though. Aaron told me we were getting them for the kids! Yet, he kept freaking out when any of the children tried to touch them..."Stop! You'll hurt them. Don't pick them up like that. Too much, let them have a break!"...You get the idea. Don't tell Aaron that we're on to his little scheme. He loves chickens and we all know that they are really for him! So if it makes him happy!!!
I named two of them because I picked them out. The striped one is "Teeggor", that is how Kessie says tiger. The dark one with a brown head is Shiela---I'm hoping she is a girl! Lanny named the yellow and gray one "Master of Peace", but we call her "Masterpiece" for short! Seriously, I don't know where he comes up with his names. Aaron named one "Snuggles", I'm telling you, he has a serious soft spot for chickens. Kessie kept telling me to pick one up so she could pet one. Everyone I tried to pick up was wrong. Finally she pointed at the big black one, she is the oldest, and said, "That duck, Mommy!" Therefore, she is now dubbed "Ducky". Louie named one Lucille and one Sweet Pea, however, which chicks they are change constantly because Louie can't remember which ones she named. We still need to name a few of them, so let's have those suggestions. I still think tadpoles are cuter and easier, but hey, the kids are thrilled (I'm actually really surprised how soft they are being with the chicks) and Aaron is happy. So here goes our new adventure!


Grandpa Craig said...

LoganRichardName suggestions follow: Pot Pie, Fricasee, Buffalo, Southern Fried, Finger Lickin, Peeps, Cheep, Cheeper and Cheepest, Lemon, Tiny Spicey... you get the idea. However, since you already have a Lucille, how about Ricky, Ethel and Fred.



p.s. Grandma wants to name them all Lucille, because then you'll have a ball. Or she thinks Book of Mormon names would be appropriate, such as Abinadi and King Noah (they both got fried--get it?).

Grandpa Craig said...

Ignore the LoganRichard part, it should have started with "Name suggestions follow..."


p.s. How about Chicken Little, or to make it more Robinesque, Little Chicken?

Marti said...

Bwwwaaaaahaaaa! Grandpa Craig is a riot! I totally agree on the names! I would also add in: lo-mein, sweet, and sour.

Larsen's in Wyoming said...

When Nick and I lived in a small apartment in Med School, I brought home a tiny, yellow chick. They've got to be the sweetest little things ever! Of course Nick gave me a big lecture about bringing farm animals home, and how he was pretty sure it wasn't allowed since cats and dogs weren't. We gave the sweet little chirpy chick to some rancher, I hope it had a good life. Are you hoping to get eggs later? I think it's a great idea, as long as you don't have any roosters crowing at early hours. I hope you have a good experience.