Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Einstein, Did I spell this right?

Lanny is such a budding scientist. He found a rock today with some flecks of "gold" in it. While I was cooking dinner I noticed he had put the rock in a metal measuring cup and put really hot tap water in it.
"What are you doing, Lanny?" I asked.
"I'm melting the gold out of this rock." He is so smart. I told him that it would need to be a little hotter than tap water so he proceeded to hold the cup over the cast iron pan I had heating up on the stove.
"Nope, sorry, kiddo, I think it needs to be hotter than that as well."
After dinner he asked if we could go melt the gold and I told him first of all we needed to find the melting point of gold. He promptly ran in to the computer room, connected to the internet and googled---how to melt gold. Seriously, he is so smart. Here is the page he got to, These are the items we would need for our project:
oxy-Acetylene or oxy-propane torch
After reading the directions Lanny excitedly said, "Can we do that?!?"
My response, "No way!"
The page did post a helpful warning, i.e. don't burn yourself, well duh!
So we looked up the melting point, it is 1064.18 °C, 1947.52 °F. I don't think my oven will quite cut it. So when Aaron burns the tumbleweeds this weekend, Lanny is going to put his rock in the pile and we'll see just how hot our bonfire can get. We'll keep you posted, or you could just listen to the fire department scanner.
Also just thought it was cute, but Kessie has decided she loves sunflower seeds. I have to crack them and give her the seed, and she is very impatient as I painstakingly get seed after seed for her, constantly repeating, "More flowerweeds, please!" Wow, she's cute!

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Ken and Kim Cutler said...

You guys are too fun!! You might have to invest in some pre-cracked sunflower seeds! ;) Your kids are so cute!!