Monday, March 30, 2009


It has taken me awhile, but I thought I'd update everyone on Louie. She is doing fine and the general consensus is to wait and see how she does. The doctor is putting her on a low dose antibiotic for 3 months to see if that keeps her from getting another UTI. She seems to be healthy and of course, she is happy! So keep your fingers crossed that this is all it takes to fix her up. Here is a picture of her being such a cutie! She just learned to put in a hair elastic last week and insists on doing her own hair every day now. She also did my hair. Yes, I did run my errands looking this beautiful--library, Hobby Lobby, and the $ store. Everyone was jealous, I could tell.

Here is a funny conversation we had a couple days ago.
"When is Easter?" Louie asked.
"Easter is in about two weeks." Me, of course.
"What if the Easter Bunny can't find us?" Lanny is a lot like me and can definitely worry a bit.
"That's true, we have moved since last time. But I think he'll be able to find us." I said.
"Yeah, cause, he brings everyone Easter baskets." Louie said, she is so positive.
"Except for people in Canada." Lanny said.
Insert fits of laughter from me.
"Why don't people in Canada get any?" I asked Lanny.
"Because their Easter is on a Monday." Lanny replied. He is such a smartie. He is very logical and unbeknownst to me he had looked on the calendar to see when Easter was and saw written Easter Monday (Canada). Totally obvious! I was taken a little of guard, but maybe I should check the calendar more often.
Lanny also has been playing his guitar a lot. The other day he moved his amp into the computer room, turned on Aaron's playlist and sat and played along to all the music for 45 minutes. He is doing really well.

This morning Kessie made me giggle, which isn't unusual. She decided that Kitty needed a story. So she ran over to the sliding glass door and proceeded to read to him. He sat very attentive through 4-5 stories. I won't tell her that he wasn't captivated, maybe he was, but I think he just wanted out of the wind. She also got a piece of gum this morning and was so proud of it. It fell out of her mouth, but no problem she just picked it up and popped it back in, then a few minutes later she said "look, Mommy!" I looked and could just barely see a tiny bit sticking out the end of her nose. Seriously grossed me out. I got up to take it away, but wasn't quick enough. She, luckily it didn't get stuck, popped it right back in, boogers and all. I was ready for her the second time and when she said "look, Mommy," again I bolted over and grabbed it out of her nose and threw it away. She was pretty mad at me when I told her no more gum. I'm not great at being strict with her, so I'm sure she'll have another piece before the end of the day. Let's hear it for healthy immune systems!

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Ken and Kim Cutler said...

Those pictures are priceless!! Louie is a mini you and I am so impressed with the hair-dos! Lanny is sure on top of things and Kessie is sooo cute reading to the cat! You guys are as fun as ever!! I hope the Easter Bunny finds you!! :)