Monday, March 16, 2009

Too Long

Well, it has been way to long since I last posted. Of course, life is still crazy, and my kids are still cute. Louie left the door open on Saturday and big shocker, the cat immediately ran into the house. Being so clever, it took me 20 minutes to figure out that the cat was in the house, then we went on an all out search to find him. He wasn't too hard to locate, he was lounging in the sun patch on my bed. Yep, you guessed it, he got thrown out, but had his picture taken first!
Two days ago Kessie saw a picture of a white horse. She loves horses and was so excited. She showed it to me. "That's a pretty horse, Kessie. What color is it?" "Blue!" That's close enough for me, she's a smartie!
Lanny, Louie, and Kessie, are all outside right now helping Aaron make a 10x16 box for our garden. They are so excited to help. Louie grabbed the seeds and went out to plant them. Hopefully Aaron stopped her before she actually got to putting them in the dirt.
In other news, Louie goes down to the Children's Hospital in Denver tomorrow to see if there is something (structurally) that is causing her UTI's. She is feeling great, but we won't know until tomorrow if her UTI is gone or not. I'll keep everyone posted.

I told a few of you this story, but I thought I would share it because I am so blessed. I went to get Lanny an apple out of our fruit basket last week. I picked up an apple and uh oh, there was one teeny bite taken out of it. That's okay, I'll just put the other one in his lunch, so I picked it up, nope, there was one teeny bite taken out of the 2nd apple as well. Both bites had been face down so that I couldn't see them. The culprit was obvious immediately. I left the apples face up for a few days because I couldn't bare to throw them away. Such a little thing, but I was reminded of how blessed I am that I find little bites in my apples, I step on toys on my floor, my windows are filthy with fingerprints, I have chocolate in my hair (don't let a two-year-old ride on your shoulders while she is eating a chocolate ice-cream cone!), and I am the lucky recipient of constant kisses and hugs!

And since Kessie has decided I need to be done on the computer, here is our most recent picture. We're so hoping for spring, so why not dress for it?!?

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