Sunday, March 1, 2009

Odds and Ends

Jealous...well, so was everyone else. We could see it in their stares and gapes as we drove by them. When no one was moving at green lights...they were looking at us...envious! We found this great deal at the grocery store. For $10, we thought, yippee, food storage shelving! Trying to get it home was a different story. I was pretty embarrassed, so I told the kids to put bags, or coats over their heads, because we looked like stupid idiots. Louie started to cry, "I don't want to look like a stupid idiot!" To her credit, she refused to put anything over her head and held it high, not carrying that everyone was staring. I had to take my purse off my head (yes, I actually put it on, while we were still parked) because I was driving. Anyway, just wanted you all to be as jealous as the rest of Cheyenne is. The kids were actually really excited until we told them it didn't come with candy!

Thought this was a cute picture of Kessie and all the poof!

The kids keep begging to go back to Florida. They had such a blast. Aaron was severely disappointed when we gave them the option of saving money for a trip to either Florida, or Alaska (Aaron's hopeful). It was almost unanimous (obviously Aaron voted for Alaska). So Lanny promptly made a jar for our pennies. It says "Rootern to Ant Shon's Jar"---Return to Aunt Shawn's Jar. He drew sharks teeth all over it. The beach was such a big hit!!! (Sorry Uncle Bill, nothing against you, that's just what he wrote-we love you too!) Lanny even found a dime and put it in to start us off! He even said he'd put his chore and tooth fairy money in it. This kid is determined! Watch out Aunt Shawn and Uncle Bill, this time the kids want to come for two weeks!!!

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