Monday, July 22, 2013

The Big "Doo"

Happy Happy Birthday to my big "Doo" year old! That's right, my baby is two!!! Can you believe it? I'm in shock. Okay, so she turned two yesterday, but I was busy celebrating and didn't have time to put pics up. We are having a party with her cousin who is turning one in a couple weeks, but we had a small party for her yesterday with Grandma and Grandpa. We woke her up from a nap, so needless to say, it was a meltdown party. But, what do you expect from a two-year-old? She got a little tikes car, and loved it....had a meltdown when everyone stopped pushing her around in it. The door on it is a little stiff and she can't shut it herself....had a meltdown when it wouldn't shut. I shut it for her...had a meltdown because I shut it for her. I fixed her favorite dinner...had a meltdown after two bites because her other Grandma and Grandpa called to sing to her and then she refused to touch her food. I think you all are getting the idea, but by 11:00 last night she was happy as could be! Here's a look at Kel at the age of "Doo"
 --She says, Doo and Fwree. Her first word was Go. She also says, "Uh-oh!" She says, "Da!" Yep, that's it, those are all the words she says. She jabbers a ton, holding whole conversations, but you have to have the gift of interpretation of tongues to understand her.
 ---She has hysterical facial features. I love to just watch her. She is sooooo animated and always makes me giggle.
---She loves to give kisses. She will smother you, not kidding, like can't breather about to die kisses. I love it!
---She loves her brother and sisters, and will copy them in every aspect. She is a big girl, don't try to tell her otherwise. (Haven't mentioned the "mind of her own" and "I'm in charge" attitude that she has.)
---She loves the outdoors, animals, especially horses, and dancing. She loves, loves, loves the water! She loves to cuddle and is very selfish of Mommy's time.
---Kel is a smart cookie and constantly amazes me with her problem solving skills.
 ---She is a love and we are so happy and blessed to have her in our family!!! Love you, Baby Girl!
Wild and Free...she gets it from her Daddy!

This is her talking to me! Apparently, I wasn't understanding, because she is trying to figure out why I am so stupid!

Naked and running...she's in heaven!

In love with life!

Don't you love my wrapping paper? Kel went over and started lifting the blanket while I was still cleaning up dinner, I screamed "noooooo" and scared her so much, she wouldn't lift it again when it was time to open presents. This is her just starting to investigate again, after we convinced her that we weren't going to kill her if she lifted the blanket this time! 

Be jealous! I'm such a great mom.  I thought I had candles, nope. So she got these! Yeah, I think I should have put them on her brownies too. That would have been funny!

Kel didn't know what to do when we told her to blow out the candles. I, honestly, didn't think she was going to do it. We all tried showing her without actually blowing them out and Yippeee, she got it and blew those babies out! I forgot to tell her to make a wish though, I bet she did anyway!

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