Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still Here!

So much craziness going on lately. Everything is going great, just living life instead of blogging. Still unpacking and will be for the next 15 years! I'm not kidding, you think I am, but I'm not. One quick story I wanted to share. I lost my retainer last weekend. If any of you have a retainer, you know they are expensive!!! So, although unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but important to me, I prayed for help to find it. Yep, you guessed it, tender mercy. Monday morning I was in the kitchen, still sick over losing it, looking for it and I glanced over at my counter and had a thought. "No, no way." This was my response, but I followed the prompting anyway and sure enough...I found my retainer! But here's my question. Has anyone else ever found their retainer in the toaster?!?!? Yeah, when I called to make an appt. with the orthodontist, the receptionist laughed so long, I thought she'd never stop. I hope they give me a discount on a new one for the most creative way to destroy a retainer...and I wasn't even trying! Yeah, I'm that talented!
Anyways, here's some pictures taken over the past month.

Louie got her braces off and Kessie started into a round of losing teeth. Both top front ones within a week of each other!

Kessie had her first piano recital. Just so you know, she didn't need her book, but I made her take it up just in bad.

Louie was helping Aaron wash the car. She decided to try and soak me, luckily, my window was up!

This is what Kel does while we wait for Daddy and Louie to finish washing the car. Actually, this is what Kel does all the time!

Yeah, just as Kessie's top teeth were starting to break through, she lost two on the bottom. The tooth fairy is going broke and her wings are tired. But don't worry, Kessie stopped losing them....but....then Lanny started losing his!

Happy Birthday to my favorite man in the whole world! We both feel so blessed to be together and have such a wonderful family! Yeah, I know, Kel's not pictured. She was kissing Grandma at the time!

Soooo glad the previous owners planted tulips. Flowers make me happy!

Love 'em! Nuff said!

Louie loves her dogs. I found her the other day out talking to Gracie, just sitting and talking! This is Goliath, for those of you who don't know our dogs.

Batter up!

Kel thinks she's a dog and loves to play fetch. She'll retrieve balls, frisbees, DVD's, etc. She carries everything in her mouth. You just pat her on the head, and chuck it again and off she goes!

Lanny and his sidekick. They are inseparable at school. This was Lanny's last violin concert for the year! He did great! But I did look up once before it started and see him picking his nose. Apparently, we have a nose picking problem in our family!

Kel and Daddy watching Louie's play. She was a bird. It was seriously, a really cute play put on by the second grade.

Today! Last day of school! We celebrated by getting snowcones! Oh yeah, baby!

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