Monday, August 2, 2010

A Lot Like Me...

Louie is so cute, and she is so smart, but sometimes she gets things a little mixed up. She'll try to remember the right words, or understand something, and it just doesn't come out right when she repeats it. I'm a lot like that, I get common phrases mixed up all the time. Aaron teases me, so I'm sure Louie will be in for a lifetime of torment. Aaron took her and Lanny camping and she was so upset because those big pesky flies were buzzing all around her. She got so mad, "I hate these antelope flies!" See what I mean. We all know that they're deer flies, but at least she called them a hoofed animal name. I've mentioned this before, but she calls a harmonica a fiddle (so does Lanny) and finally, last night Aaron put on the song "Puttin' on the Ritz" for them to dance to. I stopped it after a few minutes and Louie got mad. I love that song...then she started to sing it for me, "dah, dah, cuttin' up the ribs"! Yeah, she's cute.
That's all for now, but hopefully, I'll have some pictures up later this week.


Ken and Kim Cutler said...

Too cute! We sure loved being with you guys!! We had so much fun with all your kids' cuteness! I hope we don't wait another 5 years before we see eachother again!!

Carole said...

I know you have a different email from the one I have. Send me your new email and your current address please, my email is the same.