Monday, July 19, 2010


I know I'm suppose to post pics, but first I wanted to share a story that happened several weeks ago. We were on our way to somewhere when we passed a house and Lanny suddenly yelled, "Mom, that sign said...Seen, Alien!!! That means they spotted an alien at their house." Well, I just thought that those people must have kids and were having fun by saying that they'd seen an alien. Meanwhile Lanny was in the backseat ready to wet his pants because he was so excited. "I knew it, I knew they were still here!" Apparently he'd been told that all the aliens on earth had died out, but he didn't believe it. He knew they were still among us. Anyways, I giggled at how excited he was and continued driving. Then on the way home, I saw another house that had spotted aliens, apparently these aliens are all over the place. They also had a sign in their front yard which said, "Sean Allen...Ward I". Yes, he's running for public office, but I'll tell you this, I'm voting for him. Anyone who can get my kid that excited about politics, even though we didn't know it had to do with politics, has got my vote! So now, we make a point of finding alien signs. Their all over town, so if you're afraid of aliens, don't visit Cheyenne, because this is a hot spot for them!

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