Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hollywood's Calling...etc.

Just of few funnies.
A week ago, Lanny got out of the shower and decided to give himself a new hairdo for church. He was styling and stunning. He loved it so much that he re-did it and wore it to school that way for a few days. Our neighbor commented on how hip he looked and wondered if Hollywood had called yet...I'm sure they will soon. He loved all the compliments he received, but he decided for now to go back to his normal "do", I think the hip one was just too high maintenance.

The other day, we were watching a movie and one of the previews was for a movie that I'm so excited to go see! "It's my movie!" I screamed! To which Louie excitedly said, "Yeah, Mom, isn't it "Harry Porter and the Lightening Thief?!?"" Well, she got it close enough for me! She's got a good memory, but with everything I like, it's hard to keep them straight! (The movie is "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief"...which is coming out on Feb. 12!!! Yippee!)

Kessie has been very sick, thanks to everyone who has helped us out and kept her in your prayers. (It was only a week, but wow, it seemed like an eternity.) She is doing so fabulous now! Except for a little weight loss, you can't even tell she was ill. I, of course, still had to take the other kids to school and thus had to drag her along with me. She was not happy. Last Friday, she was screaming and yelling at me that she wanted to get out of her carseat. I told her that if I drove with her out of her carseat that I would be arrested. "I want you to be arexted!" She screamed. Then after some more ranting she yelled, "Mom, I want you thrown in the dungeon!" Seriously, what three-year-old knows that word! It was so funny and all I could think was, "Super, then I might get some peace and quiet!"

Here is a belated picture of my hunters, well, two out of the three of them. Aaron went to South Dakota for a few days over New Years. Grace and Goliath did great and Aaron was happy to be out and hunting...although, we had great weather while he was gone and the weather out there was freezing. Oh, well, I think the three crazies still enjoyed themselves!

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