Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Helpful Helpers

The kids asked to watch a movie the other day so I said okay. Well, they got bored with it pretty quickly but by then I was into a good book and I didn't want to do anything but read, so I let them entertain themselves. They seemed happy. Kessie took a nap and Lanny as Louie told me was building something! Cool...as long as he was happy. Louie decided to join him. Ooopsie on my part. Last Christmas Karen gave us some paintings of the children that she had done. I couldn't find frames, and this Christmas she got us some frames! I kept asking Aaron to put the paintings in the frames, but he hasn't had time, no problem...in step my little helpers. Turns out Lanny wasn't actually building anything, he was putting the paintings in their frames! He had heard Aaron talk about using some little nails and so that is what he did (with his tool kit that he got for Christmas!) He also helped Louie install her painting. I stopped him before he got to Kessie's painting, and can you guess, yep, hers is still not framed because Aaron still hasn't had time. But never fear, my cute Lanny and Louie got theirs framed and they are now proudly displayed on my mantel! Gotta love those helpers!
Here are the finished, framed paintings! Notice the nail holes!

Here are red dots on all the nail holes, just in case you couldn't see them well. The nails poked through from the other side.

Close up of a nail. In case you were wondering, they even nailed on the hardware with which to hang the paintings!

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