Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Maybe we just had breakfast, but that doesn't mean that I'm not starving my children. I only realized this a moment ago. Louie and Kessie kept asking for a snack (their idea of a snack is candy.) Since it was barely 9:30 I didn't think they needed one quite yet. I was working in my scrapbooking room when I heard a rip so I turned around and Kessie was sitting in the doorway with a book. She had ripped out a page and was proceeding to eat it. She stuffed it in her mouth and when I told her to spit it out she refused. Instead she looked up at me and said, "Yummy, Mom!" Yes, I did the only thing a caring mom would do and I grabbed my camera. After a few shots, I ran to the kitchen and got her a snack, poor starving girl!
Side note: She refused to eat the graham crackers, but she managed to eat all of the fruit snacks!
Seriously, is she missing fiber in her diet or something, or maybe she really was listening in church when they told us to feast upon the words of Christ. (This book was Casper the Friendly Ghost, but you gotta start somewhere I guess.)

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Marti said...

Oh my gosh! That is hysterical!!!!