Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Brave Little Toaster

Yes, actually, Aaron does call Lanny "Toaster". And Lanny was beyond brave when he got his tonsils out on Thursday. He is doing great, and is loving all the ice cream and popsicles. We went down to Fort Collins on Thursday and I was amazed when he showed no fear. He calmly did everything the doctors and nurses asked of him. He didn't even get upset when they rolled him away from us for the surgery (this is exceptional considering we can't leave his room at night until he is asleep.) I got a bit upset as they took him away, but he was super-brave. He also did well coming out of anesthesia, it was horrible to watch, but no mom ever wants to see their child suffer. He has been very good about drinking fluids and hasn't hardly complained at all. He did give a bit of advice to Louie, which I will pass on.
Aaron went to pick up the girls from a friends and then came to get Lanny and I. The girls were thrilled to see Lanny and as he got in, aside from huge grins, I could hear squeals of, "Lanny", and "Brudder"! I didn't get to see his face, but Aaron said he was most serious as he loving looked at his sisters and said, "Louie, you do not want to get your tonsils out!"
I think that statement pretty much sums up the whole ordeal.


Courtney & Marcie said...

I love to read about all of your family adventures. It sounds like you have lots of fun. Hope Lanny will heal fast. Kids always do. Hope everything is going well.

Grandpa Craig said...


Lose the hat you look like a dweeb. Actually, Grandpa is vey proud of you for being so brave. And you look fine, even with the hat. I agree with your advice to your sisters, which is why I've never had my tonsils out. Grandma Marian is also very proud of you (she had her tonsils out so she knows how brave you were) and we are excited to see you and your family at Disney World.

Aunt Shawn's beach, at low tide, is a fun place. You can find shark's teeth and different kinds of seashells. We also have an alligator park to go see future handbags. There is also an aquarium your grandmother has found for you kids (lots of fish but, sadly, no fishing).

It is snowing here right now (the first real snow we've had all winter, but I don't think it will last long.

We hope everyone is well. Lanny, save some ice cream for grandpa.


Grandma Marian and Grandpa Craig

Ken and Kim Cutler said...

Way to go, Lanny!! You're my hero!

Marti said...

Oh, Bri! I didn't know he was getting his tonsils removed or I would've volunteered to help you in some way. Brendan had his taken out 4-1/2 years ago. No fun at all. I hope all goes well this week. You are in my prayers (and so is Lanny).


Colee said...

I am jealous of Grandpa, not so much of the hospital visit. I had mine out when I was 17 - trust me friend, you got the better end of the deal ;)

All my Love